It’s taken me a few weeks to compose this review because I wanted to think about what exactly the right words would be to describe Sarah and her business. First and foremost: if you’re thinking of possibly hiring a coordinator, don’t think any longer about it and just hire Sarah & Bisou Weddings and Events. Sarah was our day-of coordinator for our wedding and she is an absolute dream. My parents were completely against me hiring someone due to the additional cost and the fact that my background is in event planning but by the end of the weekend they both agreed that they couldn’t have been more wrong. Sarah is worth every penny and more, since she’s just an all around wonderful & sweet person as well as being great at her job. Whether it was contacting all of our vendors since I was planning from out-of-state, replying to my flurry of emails sent regularly at 11pm in the weeks before the wedding, carrying our ring bearer on her hip as she lined up the wedding party, or unloading all the items for our hotel room at midnight after working for hours before - she was a godsend. It made the entire wedding weekend feel so much less stressful for me so that I could sit back and enjoy the wedding itself. Sarah, we cannot say it enough - Bill and I are so grateful for everything you did and we are just sad that we weren’t able to spend more time in person with you! Thank you so much!!
— Megan & Bill

Sarah is an absolutely fabulous wedding coordinator. For my husband and me, we wanted to make a lot of the major decisions while wedding planning ourselves but knew we needed some guidance along the way and we needed a day-of coordinator. That’s where Sarah came in. She always offered great advice and options and she was extremely knowledgeable about everything in the industry. Sarah was very proactive and would always volunteer to do things without being asked. She was always punctual and responded to every call and email within minutes. On the week of our wedding Sarah handled all last minute arrangements with the vendors and helped set everything up the day of. When it became evident that it was going to rain on our wedding day, Sarah helped navigate vendors so that it did not make a difference. Sarah was a HUGE help during the wedding and worked extremely hard to make sure every single thing went the way it was supposed to, and it did because Sarah was there. Lastly Sarah was never without a smile and she was extremely kind to everyone- from my vendors to family members. She is a sweetheart and amazing at her job. If you want your day to be as perfect as possible, hire Sarah!
— Brittany & Lee

Choosing Sarah as our day-of wedding coordinator was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our wedding. Sarah has all the qualities you would want in a planner— she’s warm, professional, accessible, organized and she listens (really listens) to how you envision your day. As a hands-on couple, we wanted our wedding to be completely us down to every last detail and with Sarah on-board, all our ideas and projects, both big and small, were executed at the hands of a true professional.

Sarah’s role was vital not just the day-of— one month before the wedding she lifted the burden of all those last minute tasks and loose ends, and there were SO MANY things I didn’t even think of.

Sarah handled everything down to the very last detail so that my husband and I, as well as our family, could enjoy all the planning and hard work we put in to our special day. On my wedding day, I had not a single care in the world. It was all taken care of, thanks to Sarah. I only wish that for every couple.
— Aubree & Alex

From the moment we hired Sarah, she was AWESOME! We had a moment of panic when we realized we had no clue how to structure our ceremony (a good friend was marrying us). She not only provided guidance, but tips on helpful resources for us to use, and reassured us along the way.

Sarah anticipated our needs before we did and provide great guidance on deadlines approaching the ceremony. I remember telling her how great she was and it felt like there was two of me.

Her personality allowed her to immediately fit in with our family, bridal party, and other vendors. Even our guests had the most complimentary things to say about her!

During the ceremony Sarah was on top of everything. She ensured that we didn’t need to worry about any timing or coordinating issues, and she also took care of wedding nightmares. She repaired the maid of honor’s dress that ripped in the butt just before the ceremony, and also ran to get my EpiPen and dealt with the kitchen when I broke out in hives due to a food allergy.

Thanks to Sarah we didn’t need to worry about anything other than enjoying ourselves during the wedding!
— Cassandra & Steve

Working with Bisou Wedding and Events was an absolute pleasure. Sarah was highly organized, personable and always on top of everything. During the wedding planning phase, she patiently answered all our questions and provided great, unique suggestions for everything from decor to timing. On the day of our wedding, Sarah really ensured everything rolled out beautifully and allowed us to enjoy our big day. She truly was indispensable to us during our entire wedding process, and turned a normally stressful experience into one full of fun and laughter.
— Alex & Simon

Sarah was our “day-of” wedding coordinator, and I cannot say enough about all that she did to make my wedding a seamless success—from fixing my sister’s bridesmaid dress to making sure everyone had the right flowers to coaching our ringbearer to successfully walk down the aisle (despite a serious case of stage fright), Sarah was incredible. She was organized, warm, and thoughtful. She checked with me multiple times over the course of the evening to make sure I was happy with the way everything looked and was proceeding. She also enabled my mom, who had done much of my wedding planning since I live across the country, to relax and enjoy my wedding, which was the greatest wedding gift I could have received. In fact, she knew so much about us, our other vendors, and every aspect of our wedding, that you would’ve thought she had been planning every detail since the engagement! :) Both my husband and I feel extremely grateful that Sarah was part of our special day.
— Alissa & Scott

My husband and I hired Sarah of Bisou Weddings and Events at the last minute upon the insistence of our florist, and it was the best decision we made for our wedding!! Sarah was invaluable. She was always available via email or phone, and able to answer any of our random questions such as how to tip our vendors. Her flexibility and ability to handle whatever we needed was key — when we asked her to stay after our rehearsal to help manage our welcome event the night before the wedding, she was more than willing and charged us a very reasonable additional fee. She even helped steam my dress the day of the wedding! Sarah was a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
— Jennifer & Andrew

Sarah was amazing!!! Through the planning process, the meetings and the wedding weekend she was always there! She was always there when we needed anything! We could reach her easily through email and phone! I don’t know what my wedding weekend would have been like without her and I don’t want to imagine it!!! Our day was perfect and she played such a big role in it!! She’s super fun and makes everything calm!! We would love to work with her again and would recommend her to anyone!! Both my husband and I were sad after the wedding knowing we wouldn’t be seeing or working with her anymore! We are so very grateful for Sarah and can’t thank her enough for everything she did for us!!
— Tessa & Kevin

Sarah was absolutely fantastic, always there when I needed her for advice or support. She was so organized and always a few steps ahead both while planning and the day of the wedding. She thought of things I hadn’t even considered and made it happen. She was so professional and I got so many compliments from my parents, bridal party and guests about how amazing they thought she was. One of my bridesmaids was also considering her for her own wedding. I can’t say enough about how great Sarah made everything for our wedding day!
— Marissa & Mike

We couldn’t have been more pleased with the job Sarah did. She’s flexible (worked out a great one-off package of services for us), knowledgeable (gave us great tips and had personal relationships with all of the vendors in the area), trustworthy (always quick to respond, and so detail oriented that we never had to think twice about how the big day was going to run), has great taste (helped us come up with a perfect design plan at (our fault) the last minute), and runs a tight ship (her theatre background makes for a perfect ceremony stage manager). But perhaps most importantly, she’s just a great person with a great energy that you want to have around you on the day of and throughout the entire process.
— John & Will