Modern Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

Game of Thrones (GOT) themed wedding!? WHAT? You heard me, the hit HBO series that has captivated viewers worldwide can captivate your wedding guests! The GOT world is filled with passion and energy, who wouldn't want that at their wedding?! GOT is full of mythical, medieval inspiration that can be transformed into a modern, romantic wedding. Honor the queen of dragons by intertwining, loosely pulling, twisting, and layering different styled and sized braids into the bride and bridesmaid's hair. Consider adorning the bride's style with a headpiece, be it a crown or tiara, or a head chain. Add touches of dark green, royal gold, and dark crimson to your decor. How will you design your GOT-themed wedding?!

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Modern Botanical Garden Wedding Inspiration

This photo shoot is the perfect inspiration for a modern botanical garden wedding. Where do I sign up?! The dramatic bouquet, pops of color, fun with unusual combinations is certain to make your heart skip a beat! I especially love the greenery in combination with bold shades of blue, hot magenta, and black. 

Source: The Perfect Palette

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Mason Jar Lights

The mason jar is a staple for rustic-themed weddings. With their distinct vintage style, versatile use, and affordable price, these little glass wonders are the perfect décor item for any rustic, barn, or country wedding. They can be used as centerpieces, to serve drinks, to serve dessert and other food, as decoration, as gift bags, and as lights! Consider either an old-fashioned Edison light bulb or twinkling fairy lights for your mason jars. 

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Source: Tulle & Chantilly 

Winsome Wedding Sings you Need

One of the best ways to make your wedding especially unique and special is by adding handwritten or typographic signs around your ceremony and reception venues. This can be done in a variety of ways including chalk on any shaped chalkboard, or paint on a mirror-elegant, rustic, or modern! Writing a thank you note or welcome greeting on an elegant mirror is a super cute and personal way to thank your guests for sharing your special day with them. Whether it’s a quote that you love, your wedding #hashtag, some fun dance floor rules for your guests, or a fabulous welcome greeting, you can’t go wrong with adding these cute, personal signs to your wedding decor!

Source: Toronto Wedding Planners

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Go Big or Go Home

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be the best, biggest bash of the season. So, how do you make YOUR wedding stand out? Go BIG or go home! A great way to transform ANY space is with a BIG piece! Take these floral-filled letters spelling out the word "love," for example! The floral letters can be moved from your ceremony location, to your reception, to your backyard when the day is done to be replanted over and over again! For my DIY brides out there... you can DIY these letters, or make your own, personalized word. Perhaps your last name, or your designated wedding hashtag. 

So, what wedding word would you build?!

Hidden Wedding Costs to Budget For

With everything that goes into planning your wedding, it’s easy to overlook some basic costs. I’m sure you’re quite aware of the fees for your venue, food and drink, DJ or band, photographer, etc., but what about all of those little things you should financially plan for as well? To make sure that you perfectly prepare your wedding budget, here are a few hidden wedding costs that you probably didn’t even think about!

1) Beauty Treatments: You most likely are planning to have your hair and makeup done for the big day, and I assume you’ve already worked that into your budget. However, don’t forget all of the other pre-wedding prep that you might have done such as teeth whitening, hair coloring, massages, extensions, etc. Also, consider the possibility that you might decide to have more than one hair and makeup trial, so plan ahead for that! Check sites such as Groupon for great deals on massages and salons. You’ll save a ton and have fun trying new places!

Photo credit: Tara Wiley Photogryaphy 

2) Bachelorette Party: It’s tradition for the maid-of-honor or group of bridesmaids to pitch in and pay the expenses of the bride, but if you’re going out of town, many brides will pay at least their own airfare. If you’re expecting a fun getaway, prepare to possibly pay that expense along with any fun travel outfits or luggage you may need to purchase. Our advice is to stay close to home. While it’s always fun to travel, there are plenty of exciting places to celebrate your bachelorette party that are within driving distance. Plus, more girls will be able to attend!

3) Pre-Wedding Attire: There are a lot of pre-wedding events for engaged couples, such as the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party, a reception dinner, and even possibly a groom’s dinner. If you’re like me, you will probably buy a new outfit for every one of those events, so plan that into your budget because 4+ outfits isn’t cheap! Our advice is to try a fun option like Rent the Runway, which has designer styles that you can wear for special events! Or, consider thrift shopping (my favorites include Plato's Closet and Urban Exchange), you never know what goodies you can find!

4) Postage: Just think, there are usually multiple pieces of heavy card stock paper that you’re mailing so don’t expect one little stamp to do the trick. Postage can cost about $2/invite depending on the weight. Contemplate skipping the fancy folded pocket envelopes and consider an online RSVP so you don’t have to include an RSVP card and pre-stamped envelope within your invitation suite! 

5) Vendor Meals: Your photographer, videographers, wedding planners/coordinators, band, and DJ are pretty much spending their entire day with you. Please make sure that they get fed just like everyone else! Many venues/caterers offer a cheaper option for vendor meals. Check your contract and make sure you know what they can expect to eat!

6) Out-of-Season Flowers: Don’t get your heart super set on any one type of flower unless you absolutely know they are in season. Peonies, for example, are very popular and always sought after for most of our brides, however if they’re not in season, they can be very expensive. Instead, opt for in-season alternatives. If you need some good examples, check out this list of alternative flowers for the five trendiest wedding styles.

Photo Credit: Clark + Walker

7) Pre-Honeymoon Expenses: Besides the entire cost of the honeymoon itself (which hopefully you’ve budgeted for!), there are smaller fees to remember as well. Passports, travel-guides, language classes, luggage, vacation wardrobe, and car rentals, are all things worth adding to your budget. Our advice is to start planning early! Summer clothes usually go on mega sale and clearance around Fall so shop for your vacation then!

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April Couple of the Month

Jordan and Scott's charming Canfield Casino wedding featuring gold and floral centerpieces with accents of greenery was the perfect combination of glamorous, modern, and effortless. We love the mix of elegance from bride Jordan's classic gown, the delicate bud vases of florals, and gold palette paired with the feminine bridesmaid dresses. Needless to say, we loved watching Jordan and Scott tie the knot! :) 

Jordan and Scott had this to say about their experience with Bisou:

Throughout the planning process, Sarah was always available to assist with our planning needs. My then fiancé (now husband!) and I live in downstate NY and were working to plan a wedding in Saratoga Springs so having Sarah’s expertise regarding other vendors in that area was INVALUABLE. Without her, we’d have been lost with regard to finding a florist, transportation company (for a limo and shuttle), and calligrapher. Sarah also went above and beyond by helping to deliver welcome bags to hotels and by running our wedding rehearsal so we could keep our officiant’s identity a secret from our family and friends until the day of!

On the day of our wedding, from the moment my eyes opened, Sarah and her team were INVALUABLE. In advance, Sarah created and distributed a detailed timeline so everyone would know where to be from family members to vendors. It was exactly what we all needed to ensure things went smoothly. She also helped to iron out several kinks that popped up throughout the actual event. As an example, I needed socks to combat blisters - Sarah took care of it!

Bottom line - without Sarah and her team, there is NO way we would have been able to pull off the wedding planning let alone the actual event itself! Sarah was able to take care of EVERYTHING so we could simply enjoy the evening with our family and friends and at the end, Sarah was WAY more than a wedding planner. She was a part of the family and I am SO glad to have met her and to have her in my life!

Incredible Outdoor Wedding Tent Reception

With a crop of different types and styles, it's never been easier to personalize your wedding tent to your taste and theme. With a ton of customizable options like lighting, weather protection, and structure styles, tents are the perfect way to bring all the comforts of the indoors straight to your outdoor wedding! 

And just because you a have a tent, doesn't mean you're limited on wedding décor. Couples can choose between enclosed "room in a room" structures with removable walls or breezy high-top tents perfect for a sunny post-wedding brunch. Coastal couples will love the airy style of sailcloth tents that boast high ceilings and and an open-space feel that's perfect for easy mingling. If you're going for a glamorous, black-tie evening, you should consider elegant fabrics draped across the ceilings with a crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Couples looking for something more minimal can opt for a clear marquee tent decorated with twinkling café lights or hanging greenery garlands for a more bohemian touch, like Bisou's very own couple- Delilah and Javier!

Delilah and Javier had a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor tented reception that's straight from our dreams. It gave off a chic, bohemian vibe while also being warm, inviting, and downright comfortable! Look at those couches! The rows of twinkle lights within the tent provided a shimmering, fairytale setting for the happy couple! 

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Photo credit: Tara Wiley Photography

To Buy Two Wedding Dresses, or Not?

What do you do when you have a "that's the one" wedding dress moment...with more than one dress? For an increasing number of brides, the answer is, buy them both! Anyone who has seen Say Yes to the Dress knows that the hottest trend for bridal fashion isn’t strapless or sleeves -- it’s both! The two wedding dress trend isn't going away anytime soon, and we can understand why.  Who wouldn't want the chance to wear multiple gorgeous, sparkly dresses in the same evening? More and more brides are buying two wedding dresses for the big day to change up their look from ceremony to reception, and Bisou bride, Allison, is no exception! 

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How to: Incorporate Baby's Breath into your Wedding

These days there are many wedding trends we can never get enough of and baby’s breath is a great example. Stunning, inexpensive, and available all year round make it a great choice for wedding decoration! From bridesmaid bouquets to wedding ceremony arches, from rustic wedding to traditional modern wedding, baby’s breath will always blend into your wedding, no matter the theme. These small white buds can help add fragrant smell and an airy touch to both indoor and outdoor weddings. Take a peek at some ways we incorporating baby’s breath, and hopefully you can find a new way to use it for your own wedding or event! 

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Custom Wedding Bands

Do you want a unique and personal wedding band? Brent & Jess will customize your wedding bands with fingerprints, hand/footprints, symbols (including heart, cross, anchor, equal partner, etc.), personal messages, initials, jewels, and modern lines and designs. You can construct your band to look modern with organic edges, or especially unique with an olive branch design coupled with your partner's fingerprint.  Brent & Jess works in platinum, palladium, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. Each ring is customized and personalized to you through a personal consult!

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Unique Centerpiece Ideas

It can be hard to think outside of the box when it comes to wedding centerpieces, and that’s OK! Flowers in vases will always look beautiful, and there’s no need to overthink every item that should go on your wedding tables. But when you DO come across fun wedding ideas that you haven’t seen a gazillion other times, your creativity levels can get a much-needed boost. I love some of the unique wedding centerpiece ideas below, for a whole variety of reasons. Aside from one or two (hello, “Up in the Air” tablescape), they are all relatively easy to DIY or show to a wedding planner for inspiration! At Bisou, we make these centerpiece dreams come to life. 

Do you have a fun idea for a unique wedding centerpiece? Comment below to let us know! 

1) Arrange roses on a tiered cake stand.

2) Vintage oil lamps are perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding. The more the better!

3) Suspend miniature air balloons or flowers for an amazing "up in the air" hanging centerpiece. Or tie balloons to your table for a similar, floating effect.

4) Upside down wine glasses for a 2-in-1 wedding centerpiece!

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An Intimate Ceremony

When it comes to wedding celebrations, many couples agree: size matters. Fewer people can mean a more personal celebration. There's more time for the bride and groom to spend with their guests, the group really gets to know one another, and everyone contributes to the event in his or her own way. Intimate celebrations, it seems, have certain advantages. At least Bisou couple- Allison and Brett thought so for their intimate ceremony!  

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What to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Session

Trying to pick an outfit for a photoshoot is tricky. When you have to dress an entire extra person, that's where it gets really complicated. Take a peek at this easy guide for choosing outfits that look great on camera and go together perfectly! This guide is specifically for male/female couples, but can be applied to any pairing!