Thursdays Thirst For Color- Summery Peach and Sage

I walked into the grocery store a couple of days ago wishing we had skipped to summer and I could buy a barrel full of deliciously sweet and juicy peaches. Peaches are hands down my favorite fruit, hence the inspiration for this week's Thirst For Color. Peach is the perfect mix of pink and orange, and it continues to be a favorite amongst summer brides. Because of its soft and subtle nature, it works perfectly with sage- an elegant and soothing shade of green. For those who know me, I am a huge fan of using herbs as greenery. With this color palette, a boutonniere of sage wrapped in a peach ribbon is a simple and relatively inexpensive undertaking. If your cocktail reception is outdoors, consider filling some small terracotta planters with baby's breath and sage and adding one large peach flower (either a garden rose or peony). Use these as the arrangements on your cocktail tables. During cocktail hour, feature a bride and groom cocktail. One of my favorites for this color palette is The Buckley. Not only is it delicious, it is also very pretty to look at (which let's face it ladies...a pretty cocktail is of the utmost importance). For ingredients and recipe, see this link For your bouquet, add some succulents to the mix. They have that perfect shade of green for this color palette. You can also use small green cabbages and/or artichokes in any of your arrangements. Nothing should be overdone when using this color combo. Just like the colors, your décor should be delicate and timeless. For some more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board


Happy Planning!

- Sarah

Photo credit  m three studio

Photo credit m three studio

Photo credit: Scott Clark Photo

Photo credit: Scott Clark Photo