August Couple of the Month

With a new month, comes a new special couple! We are thrilled to honor Megan and Bill as Bisou's August Couple of the Month. Megan and Sarah first chatted well over a year before Megan and Bill's Canfield Casino wedding. Having worked in the event planning field for years, Megan had a good handle on the wedding plans and was way ahead of her timeline. With most of her vendors booked, color palette picked out, menu nearly finalized, and final finishing touches in the works, Megan still knew that come the big day, she would need someone by her side keeping nerves at bay, ensuring that set up was running smoothly, and that Bisou's detailed wedding day itinerary was running on time. Over the months, Megan and Bill skyped with Sarah regularly. It quickly became evident to Sarah how perfectly these two were matched for one another, and she grew very fond of this amazing couple. They approached everything with a calm and productive attitude, and even the rain storm that hit Saratoga right as their portraits were about to happen didn't affect these two. Megan and Bill's wedding day was amazing from start to finish, and it was an honor being a part of their family for the day. When asked about their experience with Bisou, Megan and Bill had this to say:

Bill and I hadn’t ever intended to hire a wedding coordinator. However, after planning things on our own from 400 miles away for the first 7 months of our engagement we realized in order for both of us to stay sane we needed some back-up. Enter Sarah and Bisou Weddings.

Working with Bisou made everything the day of our wedding run so much more smoothly than I could have imagined. Sarah was like Mary Poppins with her purse that contained everything from safety pins to band-aids and she seemed to be in a million different places at once. Sarah was also completely accessible in the week or so leading up to our wedding day which was really helpful as we packed up our house and dog for wedding and honeymoon travels over the next 3 weeks. She attended our wedding rehearsal to make sure that ran smoothly and on our wedding day she arrived with the lunch for the wedding party and worked tirelessly throughout the day up until everything had been unloaded from her car to our hotel at the end of the night. We even discovered that our flower girls had coerced her into our photo booth at some point during the night so she truly was wonderful in everyone’s eyes! Sarah consistently went above and beyond what we expected and I’m sure she did even more than I know about today. As a self-admitted type A control freak when it came to wedding details, it was really nice to be able to pass along some of that control to Sarah so I could relax and enjoy the wedding day for what it was: marrying the most wonderful person I could imagine surrounded by all the love from our family and friends.

Thank you so much!
Megan & Bill