Unplugged Wedding

Have you considered an unplugged wedding? If you've ever wanted to avoid a thousand iPhones hovering in front of your highly paid pro photographer, you've likely considered it. But how do you politely inform your guests and make sure it actually works? 

The biggest reason, in our eyes, of asking guests to be nice and turn off the device is to make sure they're actually present. It's super easy for guests to get tugged into tagging photos or liking others' photos while you're trying to convey your love and commitment. 

Consider putting a description of unplugged ceremonies and why you are doing it in an FAQ section of your wedding pamphlet or website. Or consider going with a formal announcement. At the ceremony itself, have a friend serve as MC to tell everyone when it is time to find their seats and then read a message from the bride and groom going something like this: 

"Welcome. BRIDE and GROOM would like each of you to really enjoy the ceremony and feel truly present in this special moment with them as two families become one. They have hired two amazing photographers whose job it is to capture how the ceremony LOOKS. It is your job today to capture how the ceremony FEELS. We ask that at this time you turn off and put away any cameras, cell phones, iPads, or drones. You are welcome and encouraged to take them out again after the ceremony and throughout the reception. Thank you."