Wedding Day Survival Kit

On your big day, it’s important to have some essentials on hand in case of  an “emergency.” At Bisou, we always have our infamous "Mary Poppins bag", as many Bisou brides like to call it. Better known as our Bridal Emergency Kit, we come prepared for any mishaps or disasters! More than likely, you’ll end up needing something on the big day! Heres a quick list of emergency kit essentials:

  1. Water- To keep you hydrated.
  2. Breath Mints- For the first kiss!
  3. Static Guard- To tame those layers of tulle!
  4. Mini Sewing Kit- In case of tears or loose buttons.
  5. Safety Pins- You never know!
  6. Stain Remover Wipes/Pen- In case of spills!
  7. Healthy Snacks- Go for something with protein to keep your blood sugar even.
  8. Drinking Straws- To avoid spills when drinking.
  9. Lint Roller- To keep everyone lint free.
  10. Antacid Tablet-. In case of a nervous tummy.
  11. Hairspray- To tame the flyaways.
  12. Antibacterial Gel- To keep your hands germ-free during all the hand-shaking.
  13. Pain reliever- In case of headaches.
  14. Tissues- To blot makeup or dry those happy tears!
  15. Bobby Pins- You can never be too careful.
  16. Band Aids- In case of accidents or to protect your heels from blisters.
  17. Razor- For the nervous brides who only shave one armpit!
  18. Floss- Speaks for itself.