Bohemian Theme

When clients come to us looking to make their wedding a more laid-back and casual event, they are often drawn to the Bohemian style. Flowers and tassels can effortlessly express your personal style. Especially for young couples, this may be the perfect representation of your adventure together.  

So what is a Boho wedding theme? It is an eclectic mix of the hippie, nomad, and gypsy lifestyle with an artistic flair.  Wikipedia uses the terms free love, adventures, frugality, and individuals involved with music, artistic, or literary pursuits.

So why is this style on the rise? Easy. (1) Frugality and the current state of the economy. Frugality means a simple décor and a lot of DIY style. (2) Free expression and personalization. There are no longer any rules in wedding design and anything goes. We always encourage our couples to make their events true statements of their unique personalities.

The great thing about this style is that you can create the emphasis in so many ways. For example: you can create a Beach Bohemian style, a Vintage Bohemian style, or whatever style. Completely carefree and relaxed!