Graceful Garden Wedding Must-Haves

As the summer heat fades to a comfortable fall breeze, the best place for a beautiful, fanciful wedding celebration will be the garden. Why exchange vows in a garden? In many ways, these nuptials are the very definition of a fairy-tale wedding—a mix of earthly delights, sunny smiles, and intoxicating romance. But like all good fairytales, there's a catch before you get your prince: Mother Nature. But with planning, your day will be all beauty, no beast!

1). First thing first, the venue. It goes without saying that the best place to host a garden weddings is in a garden. That could be a local garden venue that specializes in weddings, or a beautiful backyard of your green-thumbed relative or friend. 

2). A melt-in-your-mouth menu. Try to stick with light and fresh options. What's better to eat in a garden then harvest salads, soups made with fresh vegetables, an assortment of mouth-watering finger sandwiches, roasted chicken or grilled filets with seasonal vegetables, and decadent layered parfaits for dessert? I would say nothing! 

3). Appropriate attire. Dressing for a garden wedding isn't the same as dressing for a formal church wedding. It is important to be comfortable in the outdoor space. For men, this may mean wearing a collared shirt and vest instead of a jacket and tie. For ladies, perhaps a cocktail-length dress in a lighter fabric, and wedges instead of heels! 

4). Stay cool. Or warm. Outdoor weddings can often get too warm for comfort. Provide fans and set things up in the shade as much as possible to help ease the issue of heat. BONUS TIP: if it’s cooler than expected (especially when the sun sets), offer guests blankets or set up portable heaters.

5). Weather-proof. Wind can often present problems at outdoor weddings. Do your best to choose floral and décor that can stand up to it. Look for heartier floral that holds up well to wind, water, and heat, and stay away from décor that will blow away in the wind.

6). Bug repellant. Gardens are especially known for inviting insects to come out and play. You could possibly hire someone to treat the area 48 hours before the wedding to help keep insects to a minimum. Otherwise, set out citronella candles or torches! 

Check out this recipe for DIY Bug Repellent Mason Jar Luminaries. They will be both gorgeous and extremely effective. Keep those mosquitoes away and spend more time enjoying the special occasion.

7).  Electricity. If you’re hiring a band or DJ (or even just using your own sound system), odds are that you’ll need access to power if you plan on having any music or dancing at the wedding. Make sure electricity is accessible and weather-proofed in case of rain. 

8). Restrooms. Outdoor weddings aren’t always convenient to restrooms. Check out the facilities and make plans to bring in portable toilets as needed. 

9). Parking arrangements. Make sure there is ample room for all of your guests to park. If there will be fees per car, either pay that fee for your guests or make them aware of it ahead of time.

9). A backup plan. As much as you might wish for perfect weather on your wedding day, there’s always a chance for inclement weather. Make sure there’s a backup plan in place that pleases you almost as much as Plan A.