Hidden Wedding Costs to Budget For

With everything that goes into planning your wedding, it’s easy to overlook some basic costs. I’m sure you’re quite aware of the fees for your venue, food and drink, DJ or band, photographer, etc., but what about all of those little things you should financially plan for as well? To make sure that you perfectly prepare your wedding budget, here are a few hidden wedding costs that you probably didn’t even think about!

1) Beauty Treatments: You most likely are planning to have your hair and makeup done for the big day, and I assume you’ve already worked that into your budget. However, don’t forget all of the other pre-wedding prep that you might have done such as teeth whitening, hair coloring, massages, extensions, etc. Also, consider the possibility that you might decide to have more than one hair and makeup trial, so plan ahead for that! Check sites such as Groupon for great deals on massages and salons. You’ll save a ton and have fun trying new places!

Photo credit: Tara Wiley Photogryaphy 

2) Bachelorette Party: It’s tradition for the maid-of-honor or group of bridesmaids to pitch in and pay the expenses of the bride, but if you’re going out of town, many brides will pay at least their own airfare. If you’re expecting a fun getaway, prepare to possibly pay that expense along with any fun travel outfits or luggage you may need to purchase. Our advice is to stay close to home. While it’s always fun to travel, there are plenty of exciting places to celebrate your bachelorette party that are within driving distance. Plus, more girls will be able to attend!

3) Pre-Wedding Attire: There are a lot of pre-wedding events for engaged couples, such as the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party, a reception dinner, and even possibly a groom’s dinner. If you’re like me, you will probably buy a new outfit for every one of those events, so plan that into your budget because 4+ outfits isn’t cheap! Our advice is to try a fun option like Rent the Runway, which has designer styles that you can wear for special events! Or, consider thrift shopping (my favorites include Plato's Closet and Urban Exchange), you never know what goodies you can find!

4) Postage: Just think, there are usually multiple pieces of heavy card stock paper that you’re mailing so don’t expect one little stamp to do the trick. Postage can cost about $2/invite depending on the weight. Contemplate skipping the fancy folded pocket envelopes and consider an online RSVP so you don’t have to include an RSVP card and pre-stamped envelope within your invitation suite! 

5) Vendor Meals: Your photographer, videographers, wedding planners/coordinators, band, and DJ are pretty much spending their entire day with you. Please make sure that they get fed just like everyone else! Many venues/caterers offer a cheaper option for vendor meals. Check your contract and make sure you know what they can expect to eat!

6) Out-of-Season Flowers: Don’t get your heart super set on any one type of flower unless you absolutely know they are in season. Peonies, for example, are very popular and always sought after for most of our brides, however if they’re not in season, they can be very expensive. Instead, opt for in-season alternatives. If you need some good examples, check out this list of alternative flowers for the five trendiest wedding styles.

Photo Credit: Clark + Walker

7) Pre-Honeymoon Expenses: Besides the entire cost of the honeymoon itself (which hopefully you’ve budgeted for!), there are smaller fees to remember as well. Passports, travel-guides, language classes, luggage, vacation wardrobe, and car rentals, are all things worth adding to your budget. Our advice is to start planning early! Summer clothes usually go on mega sale and clearance around Fall so shop for your vacation then!

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