January Couple of the Month

We're kicking off 2018 with Dara and Doug as our January Couple of the Month!  Dara and Doug's special day was filled with pure magic!!  From the exhilarating first sword fight to the breathtaking first dance (complete with stunning lifts), it was clear that the love Dara and Doug share is joyful and everlasting.  Friends and family witnessed a touching ceremony and then proceeded to celebrate with the couple at Saratoga National Golf Club.  It was a day full of love and laughter which we were honored to be a part of it!

Dara and Doug had this to say about their Bisou experience:

Working with Sarah Fichtman and the Bisou Weddings team was a dream from our first phone call. We chatted for an hour, and we knew immediately that, through working together, we would create a wedding that reflected our traditions, values, and identity as a couple. We also understood very quickly that there was no problem or situation that would frighten Sarah: our initial idea of serving our wedding dinner family style with 180 guests changing seats - as would have been printed on their place cards-in between each course. Sarah didn’t even blink, but gave us an enthusiastic and genuine, “Let’s try it!” The seat-rotation idea was eventually scrapped, but the spirit of creativity and ingenuity continued to permeate all elements of our wedding experience. Sarah’s authentic excitement, creativity, and joy only grew throughout our time working together, and our wedding could not have been as magical as it was without her spectacular team. Now, we have cherished memories of a joyous process and an enchanted wedding weekend, with the added benefit of a wonderful friend for life.

How to: Write the perfect Maid of Honor and Best Man Speech

So your best friend has asked you to stand with them on their wedding day.  What an honor!!!  There is a long list of responsibilities, as well as perks, that come with the title of maid of honor or best man.  The big one is the speech.  For so many of us, after that initial excitement wears off, the panic and fear of public speaking sets in.  But there's no need to panic!  Here is the best guide to writing a speech with the perfect blend of humor and sentiment that the happy couple will remember forever (in a good way).  

Photo Source: Sugar and Charm

The First Look

We had so much fun at Jenny and Nick's wedding this past weekend!  Every detail was perfect and beautiful, and it was impossible not to smile in the presence of this wonderful couple.  One detail that made the rest of the day so relaxed, was their decision to do a first look.  First looks have been growing in popularity and for years, and for a good reason.  Opting for a first look rather than hiding the bride until she walks down the aisle allows for couples to take a great deal of pictures before the ceremony begins.  Couples are able to capture all of the shots together (and if time allows, with their families and wedding parties) while not taking time away from their precious time with their guests during cocktail hour. A first look also allows for the couple to share and savor that special moment with some privacy.  Although there is nothing wrong with having the first view of the bride be while she's walking down the aisle, the convenience of a first look makes a lot of sense.  Jenny and Nick chose to share this special moment in private, but the pictures look magical!  We wish these two a life full of love and laughter!

Signature Cocktails

Whether you decide to have an open bar, cash bar, soft bar or any other type of bar, a signature cocktail is a great way to add a personal touch!  This is a fun way to encourage guests to try something new and get in on the love.  Signature cocktails are a popular (and tasty!) way to celebrate your newlywed status and share your drink preferences with your guests.  Use your favorite spirits or even choose a drink that fits with your color scheme!

Venue Spotlight: Takk House

If you're in the process of picking a venue for your wedding, then you NEED to check out the Takk House in Troy, NY.  This incredibly charming venue is just as gorgeous in person as it is in pictures.  A venue with a distinctly unique charm that is both elegant and eclectic, it is a space that is also adaptable to each couples' style.  The Takk House was originally a Knights of Columbus building, bringing historic flare to the space.  The building now belongs to Heidi and Frank Sicari who have imbued the "old" with their own artistic taste.  They have perfectly married the historic elements with their modern flare to create a building that is stylish and unique.  A couple looking to celebrate bits of the past with a glimpse into the beautiful future that awaits will find the Takk House a perfect fit. See some of Heidi and Frank's beautiful images below for just a taste of what this amazing venue has to offer.

The word Takk means Thanks in Icelandic. Why Icelandic? My mom was born and raised in Iceland and I have A LOT of family over there. I took Heidi to Iceland two summers ago and she quickly realized why I love it so much. It was our first vacation together and we look back on it fondly. Using an Icelandic word in our name seemed like such a great way to recognize a place that is important to both of us. So why Thanks? The basis of most celebrations is gratitude. Thank you for coming. Thank you for inviting us. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for caring. A space to celebrate with the people in your life that you are thankful for. It doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the few Icelandic words that’s easy to say! Lastly, why house? A house is welcoming. A house is a home when it is filled with people you are grateful for...and a home is where we are all most comfortable. Your event should be in a place that feels like home. Not the house you grew up in, but your own personal home. Not a building, hall or plaza. A house where everyone is invited in for the celebration. Takk House.
— Frank Sicari

For more information on all the Takk House has to offer, click HERE!

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Photo Sources: Takk House, Rock 'n Roll Bride

Wedding Party Proposal Ideas

You've said yes to your sweetheart!  Yay, you're engaged!  Now it's time to make sure you have the people you love by your side to make your wedding experience the best it can be.  These are the people who have loved and supported you all along the way and they deserve to know just how much it would mean to you to have them stand with you on your wedding day.  You can show your soon-to-be wedding party some extra love with these fun proposal ideas!

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Photo Sources: Wedding Forward, Aisle Perfect, Etsy, Contemporary Bride

July Couple of the Month

With another new month, comes another new Couple of the Month. This July, we look back to the days of last summer at Delilah and Javier's private estate summer wedding. Delilah and Javier opted for an outdoor, forest wedding ceremony followed by a beautiful, colorful, clear-tent reception. The clear tent allowed Delilah and Javier's family and friends to dine and dance under the stars with the added bonus of being protected from the weather! Their party guests were greeted at the reception tent by bohemian, vintage styled sitting areas adorned with couches, chairs, and rugs. Further into the tent, guests could dance the night away on the large, wooden dance floor or enjoy cigars at the "cigar bar!"

Delilah and Javier had this to say about their experience with the Bisou team:

When my husband and I began planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to rent a private estate for a wedding weekend. We quickly realized that we were in over our heads with planning and logistics and reached out to Bisou Weddings & Events to handle day of coordination. From the beginning, she partnered closely with our wedding designer to ensure a seamless transition for her and her staff to manage the day of. The day of flowed very smoothly, thanks in large part to Sarah’s amazing attention to detail. Whether it was helping to get our flower girls together for the ceremony, or making sure vendors had what they needed, Sarah and her team got it done. We were so glad we had Bisou on hand!
— Delilah & Javier Jaramillo

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June Couple of the Month

This June we are reminiscing over Nora and Joe's stunning Fall wedding. The bride and groom sparkled through the rain of the day. We loved Nora's elegant a-line dress with a lace bust and silky off-white skirt, with a ribbon accentuating her waist. She looked euphoric, sophisticated, and purely over-the-moon! Accents of yellow, orange, and plum accompanied the beautiful ceremony and reception. 

Nora and Joe had this to say about working with the Bisou team:

I am not sure where to begin. My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we needed a wedding planner and I managed to win the debate. A colleague had recommended Sarah so I reached out and from the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I felt a sense of ease. I knew Sarah and her team were top notch just from our initial phone call.

Sarah and I met in person a few weeks before the wedding and she made me feel so comfortable - it felt like I was getting coffee with a friend. I shared our vision for the day with Sarah and left our meeting knowing she would help make it happen. Sarah was on top of reaching out to all of our vendors to create a timeline and plan for the weekend.

Sarah came to our rehearsal and in that moment, I put all trust into Sarah for the rest of the weekend. She knew our plans inside and out and was so friendly to our wedding party, family, and friends who were a part of the mass.

And then came the wedding....I wish I could sum into words the calmness I felt when Sarah arrived. It was pouring rain outside but she came in like a ray of sunshine. Sarah kept us on schedule and helped all of my bridesmaids off the bus with her umbrella so they did not get wet and made sure we were all smiling despite the sideways rain and high winds. While we were at the church, Sarah’s assistant Maria was at the venue making sure everything was setup properly and everything was exactly where we wanted it to be.

Sarah and Maria were there if any of us needed anything that night and I honestly feel like we had the best day ever because of them. By the end of the night, they felt like family. They went above and beyond in every detail and I plan on recommending them to anyone I know. If you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, I would highly suggest working with Sarah and her team....I promise you it is worth it.

The next day, Joe said that hiring Sarah was the best decision we made besides getting married so I think that says it all!

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Engagement Announcement Ideas

You said “Yes” to his question “Will you marry me?” and, of course, you want to share this news with everyone you know and maybe even some strangers! First you might tell your parents, immediate family, and close friends. But, how do you tell the world about your engagement? Time for a photo shoot! We propose some ideas of how to make engagement announcements more personal, romantic and fun! 

1) Ideas with hands- show off that BLING! 

2) Write "I Said Yes!"

3) Incorporate your loved pets!

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photo source: Wedding Forward 

May Couple of the Month

This May we remember the summer of 2016 and look back at Megan and Brendan's beautiful and classic summer Otesaga Resort Hotel wedding. The bright and colorful Gerbera Daisies were the perfect pairing with the crisp and classic navy bridesmaids gowns.  Large white lanterns were set amongst a bed of greenery and Gerbera Daisies and adorned the window sills along the perimeter of the gorgeous ballroom, as well as the outside sitting area overlooking Lake Otsego. Wedding guests were invited outside to play yard games, such as cornhole, and to watch fireworks over the lake, and were not disappointed! Megan and Brendan's fun filled wedding bash went out with a bang! 

Megan and Brendan had this to say about their experience with Bisou Weddings and Events:

Looking into a wedding planner just made sense: my parents are snowbirds and my husband’s family had never planned a wedding. After doing some research, Bisou popped out for us and immediately became a no brainer. Sarah was completely professional from start to finish. Her timelines, calls, advice and connections to vendors were everything we needed and more! We were so pleased with her attention to detail and honoring our wishes. Our wedding day was completely flawless and we owe it to Sarah! I’m pretty sure she even made sure it didn’t rain during our photographs as well (she’s THAT good).

Hidden Wedding Costs to Budget For

With everything that goes into planning your wedding, it’s easy to overlook some basic costs. I’m sure you’re quite aware of the fees for your venue, food and drink, DJ or band, photographer, etc., but what about all of those little things you should financially plan for as well? To make sure that you perfectly prepare your wedding budget, here are a few hidden wedding costs that you probably didn’t even think about!

1) Beauty Treatments: You most likely are planning to have your hair and makeup done for the big day, and I assume you’ve already worked that into your budget. However, don’t forget all of the other pre-wedding prep that you might have done such as teeth whitening, hair coloring, massages, extensions, etc. Also, consider the possibility that you might decide to have more than one hair and makeup trial, so plan ahead for that! Check sites such as Groupon for great deals on massages and salons. You’ll save a ton and have fun trying new places!

Photo credit: Tara Wiley Photogryaphy 

2) Bachelorette Party: It’s tradition for the maid-of-honor or group of bridesmaids to pitch in and pay the expenses of the bride, but if you’re going out of town, many brides will pay at least their own airfare. If you’re expecting a fun getaway, prepare to possibly pay that expense along with any fun travel outfits or luggage you may need to purchase. Our advice is to stay close to home. While it’s always fun to travel, there are plenty of exciting places to celebrate your bachelorette party that are within driving distance. Plus, more girls will be able to attend!

3) Pre-Wedding Attire: There are a lot of pre-wedding events for engaged couples, such as the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party, a reception dinner, and even possibly a groom’s dinner. If you’re like me, you will probably buy a new outfit for every one of those events, so plan that into your budget because 4+ outfits isn’t cheap! Our advice is to try a fun option like Rent the Runway, which has designer styles that you can wear for special events! Or, consider thrift shopping (my favorites include Plato's Closet and Urban Exchange), you never know what goodies you can find!

4) Postage: Just think, there are usually multiple pieces of heavy card stock paper that you’re mailing so don’t expect one little stamp to do the trick. Postage can cost about $2/invite depending on the weight. Contemplate skipping the fancy folded pocket envelopes and consider an online RSVP so you don’t have to include an RSVP card and pre-stamped envelope within your invitation suite! 

5) Vendor Meals: Your photographer, videographers, wedding planners/coordinators, band, and DJ are pretty much spending their entire day with you. Please make sure that they get fed just like everyone else! Many venues/caterers offer a cheaper option for vendor meals. Check your contract and make sure you know what they can expect to eat!

6) Out-of-Season Flowers: Don’t get your heart super set on any one type of flower unless you absolutely know they are in season. Peonies, for example, are very popular and always sought after for most of our brides, however if they’re not in season, they can be very expensive. Instead, opt for in-season alternatives. If you need some good examples, check out this list of alternative flowers for the five trendiest wedding styles.

Photo Credit: Clark + Walker

7) Pre-Honeymoon Expenses: Besides the entire cost of the honeymoon itself (which hopefully you’ve budgeted for!), there are smaller fees to remember as well. Passports, travel-guides, language classes, luggage, vacation wardrobe, and car rentals, are all things worth adding to your budget. Our advice is to start planning early! Summer clothes usually go on mega sale and clearance around Fall so shop for your vacation then!

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March Couple of the Month

Bisou's March Couple of the Month features Megan and Matt's beautiful Saratoga Canfield Casino Wedding. As always, we were blown away by the understated, simple color palette made up of nudes, whites, and greenery. The classically romantic design brought us back to an Audrey Hepburn era, and Megan's wedding gown was the icing on the cake! There is no doubt that Jenn Moak Photography captured them at their BEST!!!  

Megan and Matt had this to say about working with Bisou: 

Sarah and her team were absolutely amazing. I participated in the “day of” wedding planning with Sarah. I was reluctant at first as I felt I had already done so much work (finding my vendors, establishing time frames), but someone recommended that a wedding planner would help with making sure the day went smoothly. They were right! So many little things that would have made my day beyond stressful (on top of the stress already), Sarah and her assistant were there to take care of them. From tracking down employees who were supposed to unlock my venue for setup, knowing to ask the hotel to utilize their steamer to press bridesmaid dresses and scarves, sewing my bridesmaid’s ripped dress, to standing out in the cold during pictures to hold my shawl and veil...Bisou did it all. Sarah mapped out at a detailed timeframe for all my vendors (hair/make-up, videographer, photography, food, music, priest) and reached out to all of them to ensure we were all on the same page. This took away the majority of my stress in the days leading up to the wedding. She is so organized, so calming, and such a pleasant person to have by your side on your wedding day. Thank you Bisou Weddings and Events!

Florist: Heavenscent Floral Art

Band: Silver Arrow Band

Photographer: Jenn Moak Photography

Videographer: Ben Pliss Media

Hair/Makeup: Blush 518

Caterer: Malozzi's

Cake: Malozzi's

Transportation: Upstate Transit

February Couple of the Month

With another new month in another new year, comes another new Bisou couple of the month. This February we think back to beautiful fall weather and the happiest of days for Jeana and Kevin at their chic, intimate Fort William Henry Wedding. Elegant white calla lillies accompanied fall-inspired burnt orange and lavender decor. How stunning! 

Jeana and Kevin had this to say about their experieince with Bisou:

Working with Bisou Weddings and Events was the best decision we could have made. Like everyone was telling us, the final weeks before the wedding are extremely stressful, and having Sarah in our corner was a complete blessing. She nailed down the timeline, coordinated vendors, and was available for last minute questions/advice. The wedding day went extremely well, and we are confident in saying our day wouldn’t have been anywhere near the same without her and her team.

Florist: Meme's Florist

DJ: Nonstop Music

Photographer: Rob Spring Photography

Videographer: Mackenzie Lee Videography

Hair/Makeup: Timeless Updos

Cake: Putnam Market


Wedding Trend: Drip Wedding Cake

Unique, non-traditional wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular. Drip wedding cakes are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends. Your wedding cake will be especially creative and unique because the drip can be of any color: white, gold, chocolate, caramel or any other. We love the idea of adding flowers, macarons, chocolate bars or seasonal fruit and berries. Find a yummy drip wedding cake to express your style as a couple and to impress your guests!

Wedding Theme: Emerald

Sometimes all it takes to warm up a winter wedding is a splash of color. Emerald green has an elegant touch that instantly makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Add pops of emerald green in unexpected places (like your wedding cake or the groomsmen's suits) and this color will add enough glamor to make your guests green with envy. Take a peek here for inspiration for emerald details that will instantly spice up your sophisticated event.