How-to: Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

1) Use a grid when arranging flowers in a wide-mouth bowl or vase.

 If you have ever tried arranging flowers in a wide mouth vase or bowl, you know it's not as easy as it seems. The flowers tend to just fall to the side, making it difficult to control the final product. Tip: Form a grid with tape to support your flowers (just make sure the rim of your bowl or vase is dry and the container is full of water before assembling your grid).

2) Double the Vase, Double the Fun

Not only does this trick allow for a gorgeous arrangement, but the small vase inside of the larger vase makes it easier to assemble! You can fill the outer vase with anything that fits the season: lemons, limes, oranges, large leaves, acorns, rocks, colored stones, even photographs, or other seasonal items. 

3) Disguise your stems

Use large, flat leaves such as aspidistra to line a glass vase and hide what lies within. This is helpful if you are using floral foam to assemble your arrangement, or simply want a beautiful, elegant look. You can even use faux leaves, as they are available year round!

4) Bubble-wrap skirt

To give your arrangement a floating-on-water-look, use bubble wrap! This is especially helpful for a longer lasting centerpiece. 

5) Flower Tower

Create this impressive tower with just a few varying sized pots and your choice of flowers. You can even paint the pots to match your theme, and your flower tower can be a great addition to your home as husband and wife. 

Bisou Behind-The-Scenes

A lot goes on behind the scenes on your wedding day. If you have a wedding planner or day-of wedding coordinator, hopefully you won't be the one dealing with all the little details! Their are all of the vendors: maybe a DJ, band, florist, photographer, videographer, hair/make-up, cake, bar services, each one with specific supplies and needs. Not to mention the bridal party and groomsmen's needs, and keeping everyone and everything on schedule. That is exactly what we at Bisou are for. We take care of the thousand little questions and concerns that pop up, we hold the bride's dress between photo shoots, and make sure your perfect day ultimately goes off without a hitch!

How-to: Entertain Children at Your Wedding

Jeana and Kevin had the right idea in mind at their Fort William Henry Wedding. How do you ensure the kids at your wedding (and their parents) are entertained and having a great time? Consider providing a kids table or individual baskets with games and activities to keep them busy. Some ideas include:

-Coloring books (wedding themed or not)
-Legos (building love "brick by brick")
-"Kids only" tent or area
-Board game table (for adults too!)
-Kid friendly snack station
-Hire a babysitter to make sure the kids are having fun and keeping out of trouble (this is especially smart if you’re going to have younger kids who might need help with games or activities)

Outdoor Wedding Weather Goals

Lets all bow our heads and send a collective message to the weather gods and goddesses for all future Bisou couples to have as perfect weather as Ayndrea and Whit had on their wedding day at the Otesaga Hotel!

Local venue feature

The Bisou Weddings and Events team is located in the Capital District of New York. However, Bisou serves the Greater Capital Region, Upstate New York, Hudson Valley, Manhattan, and New England and beyond! Needless to say, we have worked at some incredible venues along the way.

Some of our favorites include the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs and the Sagamore in Lake George. 

The National Museum of Dance is located in a historic building in the Saratoga Spa State Park. The Museum's archives house a growing collection of photographs, videos, costumes, documents, biographies and artifacts that honor all forms of dance throughout history. All of which offer a unique venue experience for any wedding or special event. The classical architecture of this historic building creates an unforgettable ambiance that will be cherished in memories for years to come. Say your vows as the sun shines through the large, beautiful windows. No wonder it is one of our favorite local venues!

Take a look here at some of Bisou's couples at the Museum of Dance: 
Photo Credit: Rob Spring Photography

The Sagamore in Lake George, New York offers a secluded island setting and the timeless beauty of the Adirondacks as your backdrop. The Sagamore Resort is an enchanting destination for your Lake George wedding. Whether you envision reciting your vows on a sweeping lakefront lawn or sailing across the lake in their replica 19th-century touring vessel, the Sagamore resort offers a variety of customizable wedding packages along with stunning ceremony and reception sites. The view is enough to convince anyone to have their wedding on the water!

Bisou's couple Andrew and Jennifer are the perfect models at their beautiful Sagamore wedding!
Photo Credit: Clark and Walker Photography

Graceful Garden Wedding Must-Haves

As the summer heat fades to a comfortable fall breeze, the best place for a beautiful, fanciful wedding celebration will be the garden. Why exchange vows in a garden? In many ways, these nuptials are the very definition of a fairy-tale wedding—a mix of earthly delights, sunny smiles, and intoxicating romance. But like all good fairytales, there's a catch before you get your prince: Mother Nature. But with planning, your day will be all beauty, no beast!

1). First thing first, the venue. It goes without saying that the best place to host a garden weddings is in a garden. That could be a local garden venue that specializes in weddings, or a beautiful backyard of your green-thumbed relative or friend. 

2). A melt-in-your-mouth menu. Try to stick with light and fresh options. What's better to eat in a garden then harvest salads, soups made with fresh vegetables, an assortment of mouth-watering finger sandwiches, roasted chicken or grilled filets with seasonal vegetables, and decadent layered parfaits for dessert? I would say nothing! 

3). Appropriate attire. Dressing for a garden wedding isn't the same as dressing for a formal church wedding. It is important to be comfortable in the outdoor space. For men, this may mean wearing a collared shirt and vest instead of a jacket and tie. For ladies, perhaps a cocktail-length dress in a lighter fabric, and wedges instead of heels! 

4). Stay cool. Or warm. Outdoor weddings can often get too warm for comfort. Provide fans and set things up in the shade as much as possible to help ease the issue of heat. BONUS TIP: if it’s cooler than expected (especially when the sun sets), offer guests blankets or set up portable heaters.

5). Weather-proof. Wind can often present problems at outdoor weddings. Do your best to choose floral and décor that can stand up to it. Look for heartier floral that holds up well to wind, water, and heat, and stay away from décor that will blow away in the wind.

6). Bug repellant. Gardens are especially known for inviting insects to come out and play. You could possibly hire someone to treat the area 48 hours before the wedding to help keep insects to a minimum. Otherwise, set out citronella candles or torches! 

Check out this recipe for DIY Bug Repellent Mason Jar Luminaries. They will be both gorgeous and extremely effective. Keep those mosquitoes away and spend more time enjoying the special occasion.

7).  Electricity. If you’re hiring a band or DJ (or even just using your own sound system), odds are that you’ll need access to power if you plan on having any music or dancing at the wedding. Make sure electricity is accessible and weather-proofed in case of rain. 

8). Restrooms. Outdoor weddings aren’t always convenient to restrooms. Check out the facilities and make plans to bring in portable toilets as needed. 

9). Parking arrangements. Make sure there is ample room for all of your guests to park. If there will be fees per car, either pay that fee for your guests or make them aware of it ahead of time.

9). A backup plan. As much as you might wish for perfect weather on your wedding day, there’s always a chance for inclement weather. Make sure there’s a backup plan in place that pleases you almost as much as Plan A.



Your wedding "bar"

You might decide to have an open bar, a soft bar, or even a cash bar at your wedding. But why not take a twist on the traditional concept of a "bar" and go for something a little different. Perhaps....

1) Popcorn bar- guests will be popping over to your popcorn bar with fun flavors to try like caramel and cheddar and don’t forget the seasonings!

2) Chocolate bar- What could be more romantic than the smell and taste of chocolates? Ferro Rochers, hershey kisses, chocolate mousse… It’s proven that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) triggers the release of endorphins which make you happy and your guests happier! 


3) Hot chocolate bar- Warm up your friends and family with white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties. Garnish with peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and a variety of cookies and treats. Oh-so cozy for a winter wedding! 

4) Raw bar- an ice sculpture featuring tiers of fresh crab legs and oysters

5) Spud bar- A retro-themed spud bar featuring potato wedges, baked potatoes, fries, and tater tots, along with various condiments and sauces. 

Romantic Hudson NY Wedding - Christina and Geoff

When Christina and Geoff first came to us, they had nothing booked except their venue (Shakespeare on the Hudson in Hudson NY). We clicked immediately, and shared many common interests such as traveling to the most exotic destinations, a mutual love for Canada (Christina and Geoff's homeland and Sarah, Bisou owner's, homeland!), and an intense love for the classic quebec poutine (unfamiliar with this cheesy goodness?....TAKE A LOOK HERE). We managed to book Lily and the Rose (a fantastic catering company in Saratoga Springs NY) who went above and beyond for these foodies during their tasting and customized menu. They managed to incorporate elements into the menu that were of great importance to Christina and Geoff (for Christina, Kombucha shared the passing trays with champagne during cocktail hour, and for Geoff, foie gras was the star of the hors d'oeuvres and a late night poutine station satisfied those 1am cravings). The food was spectacular, the water view from the sailcloth tent during the reception was breathtaking, and with three different bands playing throughout the night, the guests had the time of their lives and  danced the night away into the wee hours of the morning. 

Photo Credit: Olya Vysotskaya 

Photo Credit: Olya Vysotskaya 

Bisou Couple of the Month

Bisou has decided to honor one amazing couple per month. The month of July belongs to John and Will. When we first skyped with John and Will (who were planning their Nipmoose Barns wedding from Manhattan), we were immediately struck by their sweet and calm energy with each other. They finished each others sentences and thoughts in the most loving way. When Sarah finally met these two in person, she fell even more in love with this amazing couple. John, Will and Sarah shared some amazing cocktails at a great speakeasy in downtown Albany and chatted for hours about weddings, family, their shared love for NYC, travel, and much more. Fast forward to their wedding day, and it was no surprise that their family and friends were just as loving and genuine as John and Will. Some tears of joy were shed during their beautiful ceremony, the customized menu created by Mazzone Catering was a PERFECT reflection of their individual likes and backgrounds, and the music provided by Metropolitan Hot Club during dinner and Cool Cat DJ during the dancing portion of the evening was amazing. Speaking of dancing....this group could DANCE. They literally danced the night away, and as the party came to an end, guests moved out to the fire pits to warm up before following the lantern lit pathway to the party buses. When we contacted John and Will to let them know they were chosen as couple of the month, they had this to say about Bisou:

When my husband and I got engaged one of the first things we agreed on was that we needed a day-of wedding coordinator. We knew that the wedding day was going to be crazy and that we would need someone who could steer us through all the hubbub! Also, we wanted a little (a lot of!) guidance. We were terrified about missing some small detail and so we wanted an expert in our corner as “insurance”.

Sarah / Bisou came recommended to us from several of our venues so we arranged for a Skype introduction call. We liked her straight away - she has an enthusiasm that can only be matched by her amazing ability to plan and organize. She helped coach us with some key questions around what exactly we were looking for - questions Will and I never thought to ask ourselves. We met with her in Albany several times (once at an awesome speakeasy we ended up hosting an afterparty at) and she was always a fantastic resource for us - keeping us on track while reminding us about pesky planning details before they became problems.

We had decided not to go with a full wedding planner package because we wanted to be hands on with a lot of the design, and we were trying to be cost conscious. Well, despite our best intentions we ended up changing our minds on centerpieces (we didn’t think we wanted them at our rustic/modern venue but flipped entirely a couple weeks before). We asked Sarah if she could design and source some terrariums for us. It was an impossible task, based on the timing. But she made it happen, her team was showing us moodboards before we could even say “succulent”. She made sure the centerpieces were *exactly* what we wanted, and arranged for them to be delivered and assembled at the venue.

Will and I got to go to tastings and pick a DJ and our favorite songs, meanwhile Sarah took care of all the details that make wedding planning.... less fun. She’s a saint. Bus pickup times, working with the caterer and DJ on equipment delivery, working around the venue’s setup schedule... the list goes on and on and I don’t even know the half of it. Day of she checked in just often enough that we never had a worry in our heads.

We can’t recommend her more highly. Our wedding went off without a hitch (well, with only ONE hitch!) and we are still so grateful for the work she put in and her amazing energy.

John & Will