Bisou Means Kiss

We are often asked about our name, what it means, and where it comes from.  Bisou owner and founder, Sarah, was born and raised in Montreal where she grew up speaking French fluently.  She also had the pleasure of living in Paris for a couple 2-3 month periods.  The French culture has always been a huge influence in Sarah's life, and when it came time to name her business, an homage to her hometown seemed perfectly appropriate. Bisou is the french word for kiss, and because kisses are the perfect expression of love, we love sharing those precious moments from our weddings.   Whether it's a dad giving a sweet smooch as he hands his daughter over, or a couple celebrating their new status as Mr. and Mrs., each and every kiss shared on a wedding day is a treasured moment.  To give you a better picture of what we mean, here are some of our favorite Bisou kisses!

Modern Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

Game of Thrones (GOT) themed wedding!? WHAT? You heard me, the hit HBO series that has captivated viewers worldwide can captivate your wedding guests! The GOT world is filled with passion and energy, who wouldn't want that at their wedding?! GOT is full of mythical, medieval inspiration that can be transformed into a modern, romantic wedding. Honor the queen of dragons by intertwining, loosely pulling, twisting, and layering different styled and sized braids into the bride and bridesmaid's hair. Consider adorning the bride's style with a headpiece, be it a crown or tiara, or a head chain. Add touches of dark green, royal gold, and dark crimson to your decor. How will you design your GOT-themed wedding?!

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Wedding Signs We Love

Wedding signs are not only great decoration, but are practical too! And they are an easy project to DIY and save a little on the wedding budget! (Or find them on Etsy!) It’s always a nice touch when you drive up to a wedding and see a sign telling you that you’re in the right place. Or when the bride and groom want to communicate something to their guests while they are off getting ready or taking pictures. Here are some of our favorite signs!

Photo Credit: Scott Clark Photography