June Couple of the Month

This June we are reminiscing over Nora and Joe's stunning Fall wedding. The bride and groom sparkled through the rain of the day. We loved Nora's elegant a-line dress with a lace bust and silky off-white skirt, with a ribbon accentuating her waist. She looked euphoric, sophisticated, and purely over-the-moon! Accents of yellow, orange, and plum accompanied the beautiful ceremony and reception. 

Nora and Joe had this to say about working with the Bisou team:

I am not sure where to begin. My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not we needed a wedding planner and I managed to win the debate. A colleague had recommended Sarah so I reached out and from the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I felt a sense of ease. I knew Sarah and her team were top notch just from our initial phone call.

Sarah and I met in person a few weeks before the wedding and she made me feel so comfortable - it felt like I was getting coffee with a friend. I shared our vision for the day with Sarah and left our meeting knowing she would help make it happen. Sarah was on top of reaching out to all of our vendors to create a timeline and plan for the weekend.

Sarah came to our rehearsal and in that moment, I put all trust into Sarah for the rest of the weekend. She knew our plans inside and out and was so friendly to our wedding party, family, and friends who were a part of the mass.

And then came the wedding....I wish I could sum into words the calmness I felt when Sarah arrived. It was pouring rain outside but she came in like a ray of sunshine. Sarah kept us on schedule and helped all of my bridesmaids off the bus with her umbrella so they did not get wet and made sure we were all smiling despite the sideways rain and high winds. While we were at the church, Sarah’s assistant Maria was at the venue making sure everything was setup properly and everything was exactly where we wanted it to be.

Sarah and Maria were there if any of us needed anything that night and I honestly feel like we had the best day ever because of them. By the end of the night, they felt like family. They went above and beyond in every detail and I plan on recommending them to anyone I know. If you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, I would highly suggest working with Sarah and her team....I promise you it is worth it.

The next day, Joe said that hiring Sarah was the best decision we made besides getting married so I think that says it all!

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May Couple of the Month

This May we remember the summer of 2016 and look back at Megan and Brendan's beautiful and classic summer Otesaga Resort Hotel wedding. The bright and colorful Gerbera Daisies were the perfect pairing with the crisp and classic navy bridesmaids gowns.  Large white lanterns were set amongst a bed of greenery and Gerbera Daisies and adorned the window sills along the perimeter of the gorgeous ballroom, as well as the outside sitting area overlooking Lake Otsego. Wedding guests were invited outside to play yard games, such as cornhole, and to watch fireworks over the lake, and were not disappointed! Megan and Brendan's fun filled wedding bash went out with a bang! 

Megan and Brendan had this to say about their experience with Bisou Weddings and Events:

Looking into a wedding planner just made sense: my parents are snowbirds and my husband’s family had never planned a wedding. After doing some research, Bisou popped out for us and immediately became a no brainer. Sarah was completely professional from start to finish. Her timelines, calls, advice and connections to vendors were everything we needed and more! We were so pleased with her attention to detail and honoring our wishes. Our wedding day was completely flawless and we owe it to Sarah! I’m pretty sure she even made sure it didn’t rain during our photographs as well (she’s THAT good).

Incredible Outdoor Wedding Tent Reception

With a crop of different types and styles, it's never been easier to personalize your wedding tent to your taste and theme. With a ton of customizable options like lighting, weather protection, and structure styles, tents are the perfect way to bring all the comforts of the indoors straight to your outdoor wedding! 

And just because you a have a tent, doesn't mean you're limited on wedding décor. Couples can choose between enclosed "room in a room" structures with removable walls or breezy high-top tents perfect for a sunny post-wedding brunch. Coastal couples will love the airy style of sailcloth tents that boast high ceilings and and an open-space feel that's perfect for easy mingling. If you're going for a glamorous, black-tie evening, you should consider elegant fabrics draped across the ceilings with a crystal chandelier hanging overhead. Couples looking for something more minimal can opt for a clear marquee tent decorated with twinkling café lights or hanging greenery garlands for a more bohemian touch, like Bisou's very own couple- Delilah and Javier!

Delilah and Javier had a breathtakingly beautiful outdoor tented reception that's straight from our dreams. It gave off a chic, bohemian vibe while also being warm, inviting, and downright comfortable! Look at those couches! The rows of twinkle lights within the tent provided a shimmering, fairytale setting for the happy couple! 

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Photo credit: Tara Wiley Photography

March Couple of the Month

Bisou's March Couple of the Month features Megan and Matt's beautiful Saratoga Canfield Casino Wedding. As always, we were blown away by the understated, simple color palette made up of nudes, whites, and greenery. The classically romantic design brought us back to an Audrey Hepburn era, and Megan's wedding gown was the icing on the cake! There is no doubt that Jenn Moak Photography captured them at their BEST!!!  

Megan and Matt had this to say about working with Bisou: 

Sarah and her team were absolutely amazing. I participated in the “day of” wedding planning with Sarah. I was reluctant at first as I felt I had already done so much work (finding my vendors, establishing time frames), but someone recommended that a wedding planner would help with making sure the day went smoothly. They were right! So many little things that would have made my day beyond stressful (on top of the stress already), Sarah and her assistant were there to take care of them. From tracking down employees who were supposed to unlock my venue for setup, knowing to ask the hotel to utilize their steamer to press bridesmaid dresses and scarves, sewing my bridesmaid’s ripped dress, to standing out in the cold during pictures to hold my shawl and veil...Bisou did it all. Sarah mapped out at a detailed timeframe for all my vendors (hair/make-up, videographer, photography, food, music, priest) and reached out to all of them to ensure we were all on the same page. This took away the majority of my stress in the days leading up to the wedding. She is so organized, so calming, and such a pleasant person to have by your side on your wedding day. Thank you Bisou Weddings and Events!

Florist: Heavenscent Floral Art

Band: Silver Arrow Band

Photographer: Jenn Moak Photography

Videographer: Ben Pliss Media

Hair/Makeup: Blush 518

Caterer: Malozzi's

Cake: Malozzi's

Transportation: Upstate Transit

February Couple of the Month

With another new month in another new year, comes another new Bisou couple of the month. This February we think back to beautiful fall weather and the happiest of days for Jeana and Kevin at their chic, intimate Fort William Henry Wedding. Elegant white calla lillies accompanied fall-inspired burnt orange and lavender decor. How stunning! 

Jeana and Kevin had this to say about their experieince with Bisou:

Working with Bisou Weddings and Events was the best decision we could have made. Like everyone was telling us, the final weeks before the wedding are extremely stressful, and having Sarah in our corner was a complete blessing. She nailed down the timeline, coordinated vendors, and was available for last minute questions/advice. The wedding day went extremely well, and we are confident in saying our day wouldn’t have been anywhere near the same without her and her team.

Florist: Meme's Florist

DJ: Nonstop Music

Photographer: Rob Spring Photography

Videographer: Mackenzie Lee Videography

Hair/Makeup: Timeless Updos

Cake: Putnam Market


Wedding on the Water: A New Level

When you think "wedding venue," what comes to mind? Country clubs, ballrooms, barns, and hotels, right? What about a boat? Here at Bisou, we are all about making your wedding day truly and uniquely YOU. We want your special day to stand out, just like Karen and Philip's, who took the concept of having a wedding on the water in a whole new direction. I would normally envision a water-side ceremony or reception, not a water-top reception. Karen and Philip had their closest friends and family celebrate cruise-style on the Adirondac ship! How fun!

Photo credit: Niki Rossi Photography

Wedding Send-Off: pros and cons

While the ceremony is a big part of your wedding day, you’ll also never forget the grand exit you make to your car as the new Mr. & Mrs. The wedding send-off is a great way for your guests to celebrate the new life that you are about to embark on together…and make for fun pictures, too! There are many ways for your guests to send you on your way, but each have pros and cons. Here is a helpful list of the good and the bad so that you can decide on the perfect send-off for your wedding.

Pro: It is traditional, can look great in pictures, you can buy rice that is biodegradable and won’t harm birds- and you won't have to clean it up after.
Con: Biodegradable rice may not be in your budget, regular rice can be a hassle to clean up and harmful to birds, and while it may look pretty in pictures, rice can be tricky to remove from your hair and clothes. 

This is great for a girly touch and to make your wedding send-off spectacular. Petals can be beautiful in pictures and can set off the romantic tone that you want to have on your wedding day. Also, if you have real petals you can leave them on the ground without any worries! Petals are available fresh, freeze-dried or silk.
Con: While the fresh flowers are great for outside, they are more expensive to buy and you have to worry about buying them a day or two before the wedding because they may wilt. Also, real petals can get slippery when on the ground for too long. If you stick with silk petals, you have to clean it all up at the end. If you decide to buy freeze-dried petals, you can order them weeks in advance and you won’t have to worry about them wilting quickly. You will still get the realness of flowers and you can leave them on the ground outside, but they are more expensive than silk petals.

If you want to show your fun personality then this is a great idea for you! Your guests will have a fun time throwing confetti in the air and you can also incorporate your wedding colors in the confetti.
Con: Depending on if you are outside or inside, cleaning up small pieces of confetti can be time consuming.

 You don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess, and bubbles make for pretty pictures. Also, your guests have a great souvenir to take home with them at the end, especially if you decide to inscribe your names on the bubble containers.
Con: Bubbles should be purchased only a few days before the wedding because the liquid can become flat. When flat, it makes it harder for your guests to blow good bubbles. This might be a bad idea for brides who get a little stressed about last minute details, especially if you’re nervous about the bubbles not making it in time, or not being in stock before your wedding.

You can show off your flirty, nature-loving side when you bring this into your wedding. They can come in one big box for one person to open, or you can give individual boxes to your guests. A butterfly release can give you that dramatic exit that you’ve always wanted!
Con: You might not want to deal with the horror stories of the “dead butterfly” effect. Some brides worry about this especially if the butterflies are being shipped. It is hard to figure out if this will happen because it’s all according to chance, so be aware!

If you’re planning an evening wedding, sparklers are a great choice. These are great for pictures at night and can light the way to your car. And your guests will have a fun time shining the sparklers above you.
Con: Not all venues allow sparklers. If allowed, it could also be a fire hazard, especially if given to younger children. Another thing you will have to consider is the number of matches and sparklers that you will have to supply. 

Bisou couple Allison and Brett chose one of our personal favorites for the send off at the gorgeous Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn NY....confetti!

Photo Credit: Clark+Walker Photography