To Buy Two Wedding Dresses, or Not?

What do you do when you have a "that's the one" wedding dress moment...with more than one dress? For an increasing number of brides, the answer is, buy them both! Anyone who has seen Say Yes to the Dress knows that the hottest trend for bridal fashion isn’t strapless or sleeves -- it’s both! The two wedding dress trend isn't going away anytime soon, and we can understand why.  Who wouldn't want the chance to wear multiple gorgeous, sparkly dresses in the same evening? More and more brides are buying two wedding dresses for the big day to change up their look from ceremony to reception, and Bisou bride, Allison, is no exception! 

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Unique Centerpiece Ideas

It can be hard to think outside of the box when it comes to wedding centerpieces, and that’s OK! Flowers in vases will always look beautiful, and there’s no need to overthink every item that should go on your wedding tables. But when you DO come across fun wedding ideas that you haven’t seen a gazillion other times, your creativity levels can get a much-needed boost. I love some of the unique wedding centerpiece ideas below, for a whole variety of reasons. Aside from one or two (hello, “Up in the Air” tablescape), they are all relatively easy to DIY or show to a wedding planner for inspiration! At Bisou, we make these centerpiece dreams come to life. 

Do you have a fun idea for a unique wedding centerpiece? Comment below to let us know! 

1) Arrange roses on a tiered cake stand.

2) Vintage oil lamps are perfect for a spring or summer garden wedding. The more the better!

3) Suspend miniature air balloons or flowers for an amazing "up in the air" hanging centerpiece. Or tie balloons to your table for a similar, floating effect.

4) Upside down wine glasses for a 2-in-1 wedding centerpiece!

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What to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Session

Trying to pick an outfit for a photoshoot is tricky. When you have to dress an entire extra person, that's where it gets really complicated. Take a peek at this easy guide for choosing outfits that look great on camera and go together perfectly! This guide is specifically for male/female couples, but can be applied to any pairing! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

What are you supposed to do with your wedding dress post-wedding day? Saving it in the back of your closet for your daughter to possibly wear one day is one option, or donating it to brides in need is another one (if interested, visit BridesABC). There are many ways to reuse or recycle your wedding dress, and here are a few ideas:

1) Donate it to brides in need  

2) Turn it into something smaller and manageable, like a pillow

3) Use the fabric from the skirt to make a cute purse you can use more than once

4) Save a piece of your dress inside a glass ornament for Christmas


5) Create lingerie using the scraps