How-to: Incorporate Mirrors Into Your Wedding

A mirror wedding theme is not only elegant and easy to plan, but it will give your wedding venue a touch of luxury and whimsy. A mirror wedding theme will go with any color combination you want. You can also make it more vintage by using mirrors in vintage frames or take a more modern and fancy approach by using unframed square mirrors adorned with candles and a touch of bling!

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Photo source: Hi Miss Puff

How-to: Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

1) Use a grid when arranging flowers in a wide-mouth bowl or vase.

 If you have ever tried arranging flowers in a wide mouth vase or bowl, you know it's not as easy as it seems. The flowers tend to just fall to the side, making it difficult to control the final product. Tip: Form a grid with tape to support your flowers (just make sure the rim of your bowl or vase is dry and the container is full of water before assembling your grid).

2) Double the Vase, Double the Fun

Not only does this trick allow for a gorgeous arrangement, but the small vase inside of the larger vase makes it easier to assemble! You can fill the outer vase with anything that fits the season: lemons, limes, oranges, large leaves, acorns, rocks, colored stones, even photographs, or other seasonal items. 

3) Disguise your stems

Use large, flat leaves such as aspidistra to line a glass vase and hide what lies within. This is helpful if you are using floral foam to assemble your arrangement, or simply want a beautiful, elegant look. You can even use faux leaves, as they are available year round!

4) Bubble-wrap skirt

To give your arrangement a floating-on-water-look, use bubble wrap! This is especially helpful for a longer lasting centerpiece. 

5) Flower Tower

Create this impressive tower with just a few varying sized pots and your choice of flowers. You can even paint the pots to match your theme, and your flower tower can be a great addition to your home as husband and wife. 

How-to: Entertain Children at Your Wedding

Jeana and Kevin had the right idea in mind at their Fort William Henry Wedding. How do you ensure the kids at your wedding (and their parents) are entertained and having a great time? Consider providing a kids table or individual baskets with games and activities to keep them busy. Some ideas include:

-Coloring books (wedding themed or not)
-Legos (building love "brick by brick")
-"Kids only" tent or area
-Board game table (for adults too!)
-Kid friendly snack station
-Hire a babysitter to make sure the kids are having fun and keeping out of trouble (this is especially smart if you’re going to have younger kids who might need help with games or activities)

How-to: New Years Eve Wedding

A new years eve wedding can be exciting, glamorous, and classy. Plus, most people have the next day off and everyone is in the mood to party! And your guests will love that they have plans for the occasion, without having to navigate a packed bar or over-priced restaurant. 

But New Year’s Eve weddings are special, and need to be treated as such. So here are a few must-haves for throwing your bash on the biggest party night of the year.

If you’re getting married on New Year’s Eve, ensure you can have your venue, some staff, and the bar until at least 2am – your guests will be expecting a late night party. You may want to consult with your DJ, photographer, photobooth company and any other vendors about staying past the countdown on NYE too.

This one is a no brainer, but a NYE wedding, needs an almighty sparkler send off. But you don’t need to limit it to the end of the night; leave indoor sparklers on the tables for guests to get into the celebratory spirit from the beginning, serve desserts with sparklers already in them, or maybe even a flaming cocktail for added drama. You could also go for a fireworks display – nothing else rings in the new year with quite the same wow factor. 

Another no brainer if you ask us, but New Year’s weddings need copious bubbly. While it might be pricey to serve Champagne all night, Cava, Proscecco, or a fizzy cocktail toast at midnight, will work just as well. For a really glamorous focal point, you could talk to your caterer about creating a Champagne tower with old-school babycham glasses – if you’re not dessert fans, pouring your own tower would make such a luxe alternative to cutting the cake.

Photo Credit: Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography

A New Year’s Eve wedding is the ultimate occasion to pull off sequins! A party on the 31st of December should be loaded with sparkle! From sequined table cloths, to glitter dipped feathers, a touch of gold on your glassware to all-out glitter in your decorations, if you’re ever going to throw a bash that twinkles and glows, New Year’s Eve is the night to do it. Make sure to keep it classy, by pairing gold sparkle with whites, blacks, beige and blush for a luxuriously glimmering finish.

Photo Credit: Dexter Davis Photography and Films

We’ve already mentioned the sparklers, but there are lots of little touches you can add to your party to remind your guests it’s New Year’s Eve. While the 2017 glasses and dodgy hats can be a little tacky, lots of Etsy sellers and decoration vendors create chic versions, that will match the palette of your wedding. You could also add year-end photo booth props, confetti poppers and stylish party horns into the mix.

New Year’s Eve can often be one of the most glamorous nights of the year, when revellers really push the boat out with what they wear and where they go–glitzy parties, black-tie soirees and lavish dinners. To add the same instant luxury to your wedding, opt to host it somewhere really special. While we love a barn wedding or vineyard backdrop in the summer time, NYE calls for something grander. Think a party on a boat with a show-stopping skyline view, a rooftop bash over the city, or bagging the keys to a private manor for one marvelous house celebration.

Photo Credit: Sharon Bushman Photography

If you want your guests with kids to be the last ones standing with you on the dancefloor at the end of the night, organising some babysitters is a really thoughtful (and handy for you!) gesture. If you have accommodation onsite or nearby, organise for one or several reputable babysitters to look after any wee one guests once it’s past bedtime. This will allow you more options in your choice of late night venue, the kids will have an NYE slumber party, and parents among your guests will have piece of mind, while they party down.

Photo Credit: Olya Vysotskaya Photography

So you’ve booked the late bar, bought the sparklers in bulk, and have enough bubbly to fill a swimming pool – you still need to hatch a plan of action for midnight. Your guests will at the very least be expecting some kind of countdown crescendo, or else you might be partying so hard, you realize too late that it’s five past midnight! Bisou will be on-hand (with a watch) to make sure the moment is right at the big countdown. We love the idea of a big balloon drop, but a killer party track at midnight would be just as fun.

Photo Credit: Our Two Hearts