Wedding Trend: Drip Wedding Cake

Unique, non-traditional wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular. Drip wedding cakes are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends. Your wedding cake will be especially creative and unique because the drip can be of any color: white, gold, chocolate, caramel or any other. We love the idea of adding flowers, macarons, chocolate bars or seasonal fruit and berries. Find a yummy drip wedding cake to express your style as a couple and to impress your guests!

Geode Wedding Cakes

Geode wedding cakes are made with the use of colourful sugar rocks to create intricate crystal formations inside. These wedding cakes are trendy and amazing! We love the geode theme (see previous blog post "Wedding Trend: Agates and Geode Accents"), a growing trend in the wedding industry. But for those couples who are intrigued in the geode theme but not attached to it, perhaps a geode cake would be a perfect compromise. Here are a few cake ideas for inspiration! 

Bisou couple Sam and David had this beautiful masterpiece at their 90 State Street Wedding. Photo Credit: Tiffany Wayne Photography