Wedding Send-Off: pros and cons

While the ceremony is a big part of your wedding day, you’ll also never forget the grand exit you make to your car as the new Mr. & Mrs. The wedding send-off is a great way for your guests to celebrate the new life that you are about to embark on together…and make for fun pictures, too! There are many ways for your guests to send you on your way, but each have pros and cons. Here is a helpful list of the good and the bad so that you can decide on the perfect send-off for your wedding.

Pro: It is traditional, can look great in pictures, you can buy rice that is biodegradable and won’t harm birds- and you won't have to clean it up after.
Con: Biodegradable rice may not be in your budget, regular rice can be a hassle to clean up and harmful to birds, and while it may look pretty in pictures, rice can be tricky to remove from your hair and clothes. 

This is great for a girly touch and to make your wedding send-off spectacular. Petals can be beautiful in pictures and can set off the romantic tone that you want to have on your wedding day. Also, if you have real petals you can leave them on the ground without any worries! Petals are available fresh, freeze-dried or silk.
Con: While the fresh flowers are great for outside, they are more expensive to buy and you have to worry about buying them a day or two before the wedding because they may wilt. Also, real petals can get slippery when on the ground for too long. If you stick with silk petals, you have to clean it all up at the end. If you decide to buy freeze-dried petals, you can order them weeks in advance and you won’t have to worry about them wilting quickly. You will still get the realness of flowers and you can leave them on the ground outside, but they are more expensive than silk petals.

If you want to show your fun personality then this is a great idea for you! Your guests will have a fun time throwing confetti in the air and you can also incorporate your wedding colors in the confetti.
Con: Depending on if you are outside or inside, cleaning up small pieces of confetti can be time consuming.

 You don’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess, and bubbles make for pretty pictures. Also, your guests have a great souvenir to take home with them at the end, especially if you decide to inscribe your names on the bubble containers.
Con: Bubbles should be purchased only a few days before the wedding because the liquid can become flat. When flat, it makes it harder for your guests to blow good bubbles. This might be a bad idea for brides who get a little stressed about last minute details, especially if you’re nervous about the bubbles not making it in time, or not being in stock before your wedding.

You can show off your flirty, nature-loving side when you bring this into your wedding. They can come in one big box for one person to open, or you can give individual boxes to your guests. A butterfly release can give you that dramatic exit that you’ve always wanted!
Con: You might not want to deal with the horror stories of the “dead butterfly” effect. Some brides worry about this especially if the butterflies are being shipped. It is hard to figure out if this will happen because it’s all according to chance, so be aware!

If you’re planning an evening wedding, sparklers are a great choice. These are great for pictures at night and can light the way to your car. And your guests will have a fun time shining the sparklers above you.
Con: Not all venues allow sparklers. If allowed, it could also be a fire hazard, especially if given to younger children. Another thing you will have to consider is the number of matches and sparklers that you will have to supply. 

Bisou couple Allison and Brett chose one of our personal favorites for the send off at the gorgeous Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn NY....confetti!

Photo Credit: Clark+Walker Photography