Quirky Wedding Alternatives

If you want your day to be a truly signature one, there are plenty of subtle alterations you can make to classic wedding traditions. Here are 8 ideas for inspiration! 

1) Wedding Flowers- Weddings can sometimes be overflown with flowers, and while traditional bridal bouquets are beautiful, they can also feel overdone. Mix it up by giving your bridal party lovely lanterns to carry, lighting the way for your arrival down the aisle.

2) Cake Toppers- Skip the ceramic figurines and top your cake with a personalized metallic laser-cut banner. It is a perfect way to let your style shine through! 

3) Photographer- While we would NEVER recommend you replace your professional photographer with polaroids, this is a fun addition! Capture the day intimately by putting your guests to work. Find vintage Polaroid cameras and place them on the tables, and task guests with taking photos and depositing their favorites into your card box. Not only will you get instant photo gratification, but you’ll get to see all of your memorable moments through your guests’ eyes.

4) Centerpieces- Mason jars are probably flooding your Pinterest boards for centerpiece inspiration, right? But why not look right under your nose and consider everyday objects instead? With tea lights and a bit of paint, you can transform something like a common brick into a rustic centerpiece!

5) Favors- Let’s face it, most wedding favors (especially the non-edible ones) will be "forgotten" by your guests at the end of the night. So why not have some fun with them instead? Get customized temporary tattoos and have application stations around the reception venue so guests can put their fun and funky favor to use.

6) Aisle Runner- Rolling out the red carpet will always make you feel like a star, but picking an aisle runner that speaks to your personality is far more glamorous. You can roll out cuts of astroturf, your favorite patterned textile, or a personalized fabric — all would accent your day in an unexpected, unique way.

7) Seating Chart- Use a unique seating chart for guests to find their spots instead of traditional place cards. All you’ll need for this stellar seating chart is some string, nails, and a slab of wood. 

8) Whimsical Decor- Consider splurging on a unique décor element your guests can't miss, like this incredible butterfly chandelier. Plus, you can use it as decoration in your new digs as a married couple!