Romantic Floating Centerpieces

There is something hopelessly romantic about floating centerpieces at weddings. You can choose any type of glass containers - from tall, thin cylinders to low, wide bowls. Inside, you can add floating candles, flowers, pearls, or pebbles. These elegant arrangements are not only great as centerpieces, but also as accent decor (down the ceremony aisle for example). You can create a fresh and modern look with a long-stem rose, glass stones, and a floating candle, or a rustic and country look with grey rocks, moss, and wild flowers.

For my DIY brides out there, this one is for you! Incorporating floaters is also usually easier and less expensive then flower centerpieces. Take a look here for some inspiration!! 

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photo source: Deer Pearl Flowers, Modern Wedding

Easy DIY Wedding Hair Ideas

Your wedding budget is tight, so it goes without saying that you’re probably looking to cut costs wherever and however you can. Even though having your hair and makeup done professionally on the big day seems like a must, it is possible to look amazing on your big day without spending those bucks. Not every bridal ‘do is elaborate and impossible to DIY. Here are a few elegant yet easy DIY wedding hair ideas for both brides and bridesmaids!


This chic and low maintenance style will give you that extra fancy boho look that the bride can rock. And, it’ll only take you a few minutes! If you want to tryout a more complicated braid, try a fishtail or a four or five-strand braid! 


You know the drill: get out your best curling iron, some hairspray, and go to town! Long, luscious curls will never go out of style, so why not rock this timeless look on the big day? 

Photo Credit: Tracey Buyce Photography 


You’ve been able to do this look since the 9th grade, right? Even though it’s a pretty elementary hairstyle, it’s oh-so-pretty and is a wonderful way to get the dramatic effect of long hair while keeping your locks out of your face. If you’re a half-up hair expert, try spicing things up with a few braided strands or an unexpected accessory!

Photo Credit: Our Two Hearts


Contrary to popular notion, ponytails aren’t just for the gym! There are all sorts of ways you can pretty up the regular old ponytail, and turn it into your perfect bridal look. Try adding a ribbon, braids, or styling it to the side — whatever you like best to make it uniquely you!

Your wedding "bar"

You might decide to have an open bar, a soft bar, or even a cash bar at your wedding. But why not take a twist on the traditional concept of a "bar" and go for something a little different. Perhaps....

1) Popcorn bar- guests will be popping over to your popcorn bar with fun flavors to try like caramel and cheddar and don’t forget the seasonings!

2) Chocolate bar- What could be more romantic than the smell and taste of chocolates? Ferro Rochers, hershey kisses, chocolate mousse… It’s proven that chocolate (especially dark chocolate) triggers the release of endorphins which make you happy and your guests happier! 


3) Hot chocolate bar- Warm up your friends and family with white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties. Garnish with peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and a variety of cookies and treats. Oh-so cozy for a winter wedding! 

4) Raw bar- an ice sculpture featuring tiers of fresh crab legs and oysters

5) Spud bar- A retro-themed spud bar featuring potato wedges, baked potatoes, fries, and tater tots, along with various condiments and sauces.